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NachoJoe rates Loco Lou's 7/10

NachoJoe rates Loco Lou's 7/10

Wow… I’ve reviewed too many Nachos lately! My stomach needs a break! My good friend from Saskatchewan was in town so I got a Nacho Review Sidekick Team (NRST) together to help me with rating Loco Lou’s Nachos! Loco Lou’s is on 1324 16 Avenue NW. My sidekicks were all pumped to try the Nachos and so was I! How did it go? Read the review to find out!


Well the description of the Nachos on the menu said that the chips were “Jalapeno and Tomato Basil Nachos.” I was expecting a taste from these Nachos. When they are described to me in the menu I expect a flavor of some sort. But alas these were just your run of the mill red and green chips. There were also regular white corn Nachos as well. These chips were funny though. They weren’t really crunchy, they were “snappy.” Also the Nachos seemed to be a little to week to hold the toppings. It was not the best chip experience…


Well I have to say, these Nachos had a lot of toppings. They had onions, green peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and green peppers. I haven’t had green peppers on Nachos yet! I was pleasantly surprised! The green peppers were good! The cheese mix on these Nachos was a Mozzarella and Cheddar mix. However we had the same problem… there was lots of cheese on the top of the Nacho plate but once you got to the middle the cheese was either burned or non-existent. I was sad once again. But there were plenty of other toppings and dip to eat with the unfortunate Nachos that had no cheese on them.


At $13.99 for the big “Nachos Grande” plate you can’t really go wrong. Especially when you have a big group of people with you! Anything extra though like beef, chicken, and guacamole is an extra $2.99. I felt like this was a little expensive because most places I have been too so far charge $0.99-$1.99. But the Nachos themselves with no extras are a very good price!


Well they looked beautiful… check them out!


They had lots of cheese on the top but not so much in the middle of the layers!

The cheese was not on every Nacho... I felt bad for the Nachos that had no cheese, they were naked! Poor things!

I really got excited when I saw these! As we ate them though the cheese disappeared! Also I got a good bunch of flimsy soggy Nachos. This was very sad because it felt like I was eating a regular Tortilla… but I was eating Nachos!


I had high expectations for these Nachos! They looked really good and when the Nachos weren’t soggy and had toppings on them they were delicious! The addition of Green peppers into the regular toppings was nice but it didn’t save these nachos! There was just enough dip to accommodate for the size of the Nachos and the top had plenty of cheese. Loco Lou’s just needs to study the art of layering cheese. The bottom and middle didn’t really have enough of the good stuff! I have to give Loco Lou’s Nachos Grande a 7/10. More crispy chips, more cheese, and toppings in the middle would have upped the score on these!


Where are you 10/10 Nachos! I’m excited to taste you! Help me find them! Gimme an email at or comment on my Facebook page at!

My stomach is saying go eat more Nachos but my body is telling me no! Time for some shredded lettuce… Being a Nacho critic is tough work! Go out and get some Nachos! If you find good ones let me know!

Nacho Joe 😛


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