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Earls Kitchen + Bar

NachoJoe rates Schooners 9/10

NachoJoe gives Earls Kitchen + Bar a 9/10

The Quest

It’s been a long time since I rocked and rolled. I’ve noticed some new Nacho sites popping up around the web and I gotta say… they are steering you wrong my cheesy friends. I thought, it’s time to get back in the game. So here comes the return of the king (and queen, for over the hiatus Nacho Joe got married!). Nachos. Reviewed by yours truly. Thought I’d start with Earls at 140 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3C8 because lots of people go to Earls, and they just updated their menu and included a new NACHOS APPETIZER! HOORAY! But… how’d they do? Nachos cannot simply be rated by numbers, they require some sweet words. Read the review and weep happily or miserably.


The Nachos here are unique. They are made in house and have a really nice crunch to them. However perhaps too crunchy… lots of bite, good flavour. If I found one without a topping it still tasted decent. Well done.



Alright, they win here. These were some fresh toppings. Really tasty and lots of variety. On the menu it just says tomatoes, avocado, and melted cheese. But when you get the plate it’s also got bell peppers, red onion, green onion, cilantro, jalapeños… I dunno. False advertising has happened, but it’s such a good false advertisement. Further the sour cream and salsa verde were at first glance, not enough for the Nachos but when we were finished we still had plenty left. Check out the photo!




Why do we order Nachos ladies and gents? So we can have some cheesy goodness in our lives! And thankfully, Earls is a cheesy place. These chips were delicately covered with some yummy belnded Monterey jack, cheddar and mozzarella. The layering was superb and most chips had a decent amount of cheese on top. Even at the end, we still found cheese on chips. Well done, Earls!



These are freaking beautiful. Check out the picture below. Not much to say here. On a nice round cast-iron pan seated on a clean white plate, I don’t miss the deli paper one bit.



These nachos run at $13.00. For the quantity I would say you are better off somewhere else. For the quality I would say you aren’t. These are really tasty and if you feel like spending the cash for something a bit more gourmet I would say try them out! While I wish they were $10 instead, they aren’t. But hey, with the price of oil these days… money can be tight. So I understand saving $3.



I give the Earls Nachos a 9/10. 

These were solid Nachos and made me feel happy that I decided to return to the Nacho reviewing game. If you are looking to have a date night, and want to get some Nachos as well but still eat a cute meal with a honey, this is your bet. Your guy or gal will be all like “Oh I love Earls!” and you’ll be all like “Me too cause NACHOS. YES.” so yeah…

I missed you Nacho lovers… I hope you missed me too. (Tear)

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Happy Nacho munching!

– Nacho Joe

Babytooth Bambino’s *CORESPONDENT UPDATE*

The Quest

Buongiorno Nacho lovers… Mamma Mia has it been a while since I’ve eaten at Babytooth Bambinos. Every good superhero has a sidekick, Batman and Robin, Mario and Luigi, Spiderman and his Teenage Angst. Nacho Joe has several sidekicks but among my favorites is Ivy Monroe. Ivy decided to brave the new owners Nacho creations. Babytooth Bambinos were my favorite Nachos I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. However the new owners seem to have changed that. They dropped the “Babytooth” in their name, so it is now called Bambino’s and is still located at #6, 2145 Summerfield Blvd SE. How were the Nachos? I didn’t try them. I can’t use my rubric for this update because I didn’t actually taste the Nachos. However I did have a conversation with Ivy Monroe who fought this battle herself. Let’s see who won.

The Evidence

Alright, so I don’t have superhero sidekicks. They are more like corespondents. I don’t believe in posting a review without evidence so here are unaltered texts of the conversation I shared with Ivy Monroe.


imageimage (1)image (2)









As you can see, our conversation has typos. However it’s also filled with disappointment.

Photo Presentation

image (3)









The Nachos looked okay. However I see there are quite a few dry and sad Nachos. I can see why Ivy had to text me. Fast.

image (4)






Yes, hold your tears back folks. That is unmelted cheese. We have dry, sad, and unmelted Nachos.

image (5)







So many Nachos were lost in the war of toppings. Nachos… were… left… behind.


Ivy has been to many a Nacho Review with me and I trust her judgement. After these comments I’m not sure I can bring myself to try them. I don’t mean to be so grumpy. I just wish the new owners could mimic the Nachos I know and love, or at least try and do something different, and delicious. I can;t give these Nachos and official score, but if I had to guess, they are leaning on a 5 or 6 out of 10. They are half way there, and living on a prayer. My prayer. Ivy and I are praying to the Nacho Gods to bestow their cheesiness onto the new owners of Bambino’s. Look towards my old review (Here’s the Link:  and make those Nachos. They were the Cheese Knees. These certainly aren’t.

What do you think of Corespondent updates? Want to see more? Less?

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Happy Nacho Eating!

– Nacho Joe



The Vin Room

So Tapas are a thing. For those of you that are unfamiliar with them, Tapas are basically the most delicious pieces of foods you will ever eat, but they are made for nibblers. Nibblers is also a new term I’m going to use. A nibbler is someone who is scared to embark on the journey that many of us are willing to set forth on. A nibbler is someone who looks for Tapa sized Nacho platters too. Lots of my friends and a couple fans have told me to go to The Vin Room at 8561 8a Ave SW. But a nibbler never embarks alone so I took my sidekicks Cabocourto and Miguele with me. You asked, I listened and certainly nibbled on the Lobster Nachos. How did they measure up to my new rubric? Find out below!


Let’s start simple. The chips were crisp! On my first bite it was that kind of crunch the dogs hear outside and go crazy for. Thankfully these chips were prepared in house. However I wished they had more salt or some kind of flavouring to go along with them because I had to eat quite a few of the chips without toppings… more on that later. But Chips were overall well done.



The pico de gallo was diced so tiny! It was brilliant how tiny everything was chopped and how well they fit with the Nachos. The taste was fresh i liked the salsa, I loved the chili sauce (not house made)… and the lobster. Dearest Nacho fans look no further for succulent lobster. I gotta say, I was impressed with the taste of these toppings. But just as I had developed a taste for these Nachos… they were gone. I loved the toppings but I was left wanting much much more. Now I know this is a Tapas place… but I really wanted more and ordering another plate of these Nachos scared my wallet. Second point I really need to make is about my very dairy best friend, Sour Cream. These Nachos came with no dip. *Crickets*… Vin Room it is my suggestion that you accompany these Nachos with some dip, be it sour cream, a little thing of melted butter for that lobster, whatever! Just something so that we can dip the chips that lack toppings in. Even a side of that salsa that’s already on top of the Nachos… more of it wouldn’t hurt.
2014-03-27 12.13.17
I’m sorry… this review is about to get really cheesy. When it comes to the topic of cheese these Nachos were no gouda. The fontina cheese tasted scrumptious and paired brilliantly with the lobster. However… there was some in the centre, and a little on the sides. Sad because these Nachos looked layered, they were layered however they didn’t hold together because there was really not enough cheese. And worse was that the Nachos that lacked cheesiness weren’t able to be dipped in anything so I’m sad to say that my heart is melted… These Nachos could be grate, but sadly I gotta give the cheese section quite a slice in score.
2014-03-27 12.22.11
Okay. Full points here that lobster really stands out in the crowd. Very elegant looking. Yum!
2014-03-27 12.13.27
Considering the nachos I have eaten recently this price point is all wrong. Lobster is expensive, however for the portion of tortilla chips that are given and the lack of toppings I just can;t seem to agree with the price. A  $13.00 price tag for such a cute plate of Nachos feels wrong to me. Maybe $8-10 would feel better to me. But at the moment either up the quantity of tortilla chips, toppings and cheese, or lower the price.
2014-03-27 12.26.17
I give Vin Room’s Lobster Nachos a 5/10. While these Nachos tasted marvellous when there were toppings on them, there just wasn’t enough to eat for the price. The lobster was juicy, the chips were crisp but I felt that just as I started enjoying the toppings they were gone and I was left with a lot of dry nachos. They desperately need a dip of some sort. Vin Room you have incredible potential for a quality product and your service was fantastic. If I may add, we also got the meatballs and if I was a meatball reviewer those would have been a perfect 10! Unfortunately I’m not though. Shame. I do love a good meatball. Perhaps meatball Nachos are my next project…
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Happy Nacho eating and thanks for reading!



The Quest (Introducing a Nacho Criteria)

I have been to many places in Calgary to find the perfect Nachos and upon viewing my reviews I realized they lacked a proper rubric. So upon collaborating with some of my Nacho reviewing partners in crime I devised a new rubric so you can see a detailed description and score for how Nachos have measured up.

Every review from March 19th and on will feature the following categories and rating scale…

Nachos: Here I will rate the chips taste, quality, crunch factor and place of origin (Are they made in house or in a Tostitos factory?)


Toppings: Here I will rate the toppings and their freshness, taste, and quantity.


Cheese: Upon reflecting on my older reviews I realized that cheese should have it’s own category because after receiving feedback from my fans I realize that this is the most important part of Nacho dish. This will be rated on the taste, quantity, incorporate sad and dry Nachos, as well as the type of cheese.


Presentation: Even though Nachos are about taste primarily I believe that if you are going to pay for dinner you should get a show! Presentation is marked on the accessibility of the Nachos, the overall look, and also takes the dips into account. Are they in bowls? Plastic cups? Or in the Tortilla chip bowls? All of these factors will affect if the Nachos are worthy of your viewing pleasure.


$Price$: Also very important is the price point for the Nachos. We live in a city that has many options. How steep can a restaurant charge for a plate of Nachos? Why would I want to pay $20 for a plate of Nachos? Is it worth it? What is the scale of deliciousness that you get for your dollar? I’m here to help you find the best Nachos in Calgary, hopefully without your wallet feeling violated during the aftermath of your Nacho experience.




Well there you have it! The new rating scale! Now you will have further detail on what to expect when ordering Nachos from a place I have reviewed. Hope this is a significant improvement from what you’ve seen on Leave me a comment on what you think and as always happy Nacho eating!

Nacho Joe 😛

Last Defence Lounge (The Grad Lounge)

5.5-Nacho-Joe-RatingThe Quest

Graduating is an amazing feeling. You’ve accomplished so much with your peers and colleagues. So one will obviously wonder, “where can I go get a beer and some Nachos to celebrate?” Well UofC students tend to head to the Den, Black Lounge or the Last Defence Lounge, located on the 3rd floor of MacEwan Student Centre at the University of Calgary. Where there’s good beer, there should also be good nachos. So my Nacho reviewing partners Oreagano and Ivy Monroe decided to check them out! How did they match up? Find out below!



The Nachos at LDL were crispy, crunchy and thin. They were also house made and tri colored which was nice to see because some places don’t think about the colour aspect. The chips weren’t overly salty but they didn’t really add much flavour to the Nachos. Overall decent chips.



These Nachos should have been called “Mount toppings!” There were tons of fresh toppings on these Nachos. There was lots of variety thankfully with fresh tomatoes, olives, green onions, and jalapeño’s. Take a look!



While the fresh toppings were delicious, sometimes cooking the jalapeños can bring out more flavour. Finally the last quibble I have is regarding  the salsa and sour cream. They were served in regular bowls and the while the sour cream was passable, the salsa was clearly store bought out of a jar. It had a bit of a kick to it but still tasted like something I bought from the “Mexican” aisle in Safeway. Can you say old el paso? Old el pas-NO.



Unfortunately this is where things fall apart… or rather stay together… maybe even forever. The cheese was a blend of cheddar and MOZZARELLA… Now I’m not here to diss mozzarella. I adore mozzarella. I’m a good italian boy who eats his mozzarella. However I believe that mozzarella should be reserved for pizza and other dishes that need the stringiness of all holy cheeses. More importantly… Mozzarella can have a glue effect if not served super hot. And sadly these Nachos were not served super hot. So when it came to picking up a Nacho, it was certainly a challenge! We had to savour our Nachos in order to fully enjoy them because we could never grab hold of a big piece or full chip without it cracking or prying it from the pile with two hands. The video below shows our struggle.

We found most of the cheese at the bottom of the Nachos. This was sad. As much as we like eating cheese, we prefer it on the Nachos not on the wax paper.

IMG_2947On the note of savouring the cheese, some of the chips were only covered with mozzarella and some were only covered with cheddar. Inconsistent cheese placement is one of my pet peeves.



Superficially, these Nachos  looked good! I had fun photographing them. If I was basing them off looks alone I would give them a 10! The wax paper (although holding much of the cheese on top of it at the end) was fancy and it’s ink didn’t bleed onto the cheese (A problem I’ve seen before)so we could peel the cheese off at the end.

IMG_2939Overall a full mark for presentation goes to these Nachos.



These nachos run at a rather steep price of $13.95. Downstairs in MacEwan Student Centre you can go to the Den for 5 cents more and get far more Nachos (Served in a big old basket), the same toppings, and more cheese (They also don;t have mozzarella on them). So this price is not fair because these Nachos only fed myself and Ivy Monroe with oreagano taking the occasional chip. Comparatively at the same price, I’ve had many other Nachos can easily feed four people.



I give LDL’s Nachos a 5.5/10. 



Overall LDL’s Nachos get a passing grade but I wasn’t blown away. Ivy Monroe still thinks I’m being generous with my final score but they certainly aren’t the worst Nachos. If I could advise LDL I would suggest that they replace the mozzarella with Jack or White cheddar cheese and perhaps make their own salsa in house. These Nachos would be a fantastic deal at perhaps $10-$12 price points. Otherwise there needs to be much more Nachos and toppings. 



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The Keg

NachoJoe rates Montana's Cookhouse 8/10

NachoJoe rates The Keg 8/10


The Quest

I told the world I’d be back and I AM BACK. Calgary, you deserve to know where the best Nachos are in the city. I’ve matured over the years and realized that I’m a tad too lenient. Well no more fluffy Nacho reviews! This is serious business. I decided that I needed extra help with my valiant return. So I brought my sidekicks Pastayoyo, Big Mama, and Riceroni with me to eat some Nachos from The Keg at 320 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2S6. Oddly enough if you look at their menu these Nachos are invisible! They are on the bar menu only! But thankfully you CAN order these Nachos when you are out with the family or chums for steak. Here’s how The Keg’s nachos held up.


The chips were thin and crispy with vibrant red and yellow color to them. I asked our server if the Nachos were house made and he said they were cut and fried there so that’s nice to know! You aren’t getting Costco chips, or Tostitos from superstore at The Keg! The chips were crunchy, even the ones covered by lots of cheese. I can’t say there was a soggy one on the plate that we had. Very impressed by these thin lil chips.


These toppings were fresh! They were great. We really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, fresh is very different then numerous. Having eaten many Nachos in my day I’ve seen much more toppings then this even for the price point. If the toppings are delicious, use them to your advantage! More toppings may have even made up for some minor cheese issues…

Keg Nachos Toppings


Regarding the cheese… There were quite a few sad and dry Nachos. Sad cause they didn’t have toppings, dry because there was a lack of cheese. I like the crown of sour cream these Nachos wear. However all of the sauces were store bought and not house made which made me sad because I can go to the store and buy Regardless they only lost one point because the Nachos tasted great and had a good homemade feeling.


The price point for these Nachos was unreal. I was floored that a place like The Keg is only charging $12.00 for their Nachos. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the portion size, but for 12 bucks I thought it was decent! Usually guacamole is an extra charge but not here! Very pleased with the bang for your buck. Even a poor student like myself can afford these Nachos.


These Nachos were presented nicely! They didn’t come with any wax paper underneath, however I’ve realized that sometimes wax paper isn’t a positive. It was nice to be able to take our forks and scoop up the fallen cheese on the plate. Also it’s wonderful to have dips in tortilla bowls and the bowls tasted just like the chips. So we ate everything.

The Keg Toppings


EVERYTHING. We ate it all. Except 2 olives and cheese.

photo 4



Overall The Keg provides a decent Nacho experience. Some dry and sad Nachos brought down their score from a 10 and I really would like a tad more toppings. I wasn’t blown away by these Nachos but I was definitely satisfied.

The Keg receives an 8/10.

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Happy Nacho eating!


Boston Pizza




The Quest

I haven’t been out to Nacho in a while. I was going to go insane without cheesy goodness. So I stepped out of the Nacho Joe layer to inquire at Boston Pizza. Stealthily moving into the location at #24 1200 – 37th Street SW I sat down and ordered their Nachos. Now. I didn’t stop here. Since I haven’t reviewed Nachos in a while I decided to treat all you buncha readers. I even reviewed the Nachos with chicken on them cause my sidekick Anto likes Chicken. So! Here we go.


These chips were pretty tasty. They have some sort of salt on em, so there’s more than just chip. Very important for those odd ones that don’t get much cheese on them. Crunch factor wasn’t bad. I’d say a 7 on the cruncher scale. However some got a bit soft. These Nachos sometimes caught a case of the soggy sadness. But overall I enjoyed the chips! They held their toppings as best as the thinner style of chip could.


The cool thing about Boston Pizza Nachos is that the toppings are numerous because they make pizza. So these Nachos are loaded. There’s tomatos, green peppers, olives, jalapenos, and mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Pretty decent I think. We’re missing the onions on these Nachos but sometimes onions overpower the taste of everything else so you as the Nacho fan can take this as a good or bad thing. I prefer less onions on my cheesy chips but I digress. As you can see by the picture…

Lotta Toppings!

These Nachos do visually seem to have enough toppings. As we got through them they were pleasantly layered! Look! I’m so proud of you Boston Pizza. You know how to layer! (Wipes tears from my eyes)

Ogres are like Nachos. THEY HAVE LAYERS!

So I was pleased. The toppings were pleasantly pleasing. The cheese also tastes good on these Nachos and seems fresh. Not only that but all the toppings are cooked on the Nachos but don’t seem to overpower each other. The jalapenos are a bit spicy, but add to the taste! Yum.


All right. Here’s where we make or break the deal. At a cheap $10.50 per plate these Nachos are pretty good for pricing! Like fantastic actually! BUT I can finish a plate by myself as a meal… so beware Nacho lovers. For if you love as much as I do… make sure you get other food if you are sharing!


Places just forget about artwork nowadays you know? It’s really sad. These Nachos look very homemade, no wax paper, and nothing too special happening with them… get some wax paper, do something creative. Am I asking too much? I don’t think so…

Just seems like they through stuff on there... no love to placement.


As you can see by the above and below pictures… I had these Nachos twice on different occasions! I decided to do this because is now improved! I’m here for the people, by the people, and the for the bellies of the people. I don’t want to steer you wrong. So I ate Nachos twice. What a burden. I’m done now… I just want you to know that I care! SO! I had some meat… chicken… if we’re getting technical. It was spicy chicken. It was alright, it kind of taste processed and rubbery sometimes. I paid extra for it too. I’ll have to double check but I believe $2.50-3.50. Nothing over that I don’t think, which is pretty standard. It was kind of not my thing. If you want some extra protein and a bit more of a kick, go for it! On a plus side there was plenty of chunky pieces of chicken though!

Mmm... Chunky Cubed Chicken.


Well it’s been a while since I had Nachos that I enjoyed… I really like Boston Pizza’s Nachos personally. But if I’m being strict on my review scheme, based on a smaller portion, missing cheese sometimes and when ordering them with the chicken, getting less cheese kind of dampers the rating down for consistency purposes. So… I’m going to have to give Boston Pizza’s Nachos a 7/10. Almost amazing. Add more Nachos, stay consistant with your cheese! That’s my verdict.

Hope you all enjoyed reading! I hope to keep up to date with review postings!

Happy Nacho hunting!

Nacho Joe 😛

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Nacho Reviews for Christmas!

The Pledge

Nacho Joe will be reviewing again this holiday season. So be on the look out for good places to go fill your jolly stomachs this Christmas. Plans for an update on Moose Maguire’s, Kilkenny, and brand new reviews are on the way. I’ve heard I need to check out Hop in Brew and Original Joe’s so I will get on that Nacho lovers! If you have other suggestions write them as comments under this post!

Thanks for the continued support!

Nacho Joe 😛

Rusty Cage

The Quest








Tis been a long while since I set out into the world to find great Nachos. I decided to ingest some Nachos recently at the Rusty Cage Located on the corner of Bow Trail and 37th Street SW. Did I put great delicious Nachos in my happy Nacho Joe belly? Read more to find out!



These Nachos were very hard and crunchy. They were also kind of bland and burnt. This was very unfortunate because the first Nacho I tried didn’t taste like anything. When Nachos don’t taste like anything Nacho Joe gets sad. First demerit.



So these Nachos had tons of toppings as you can see by the following picture. They had tons of cheese, tomatoes, olives, onions and jalapenos. However the biggest problem with these was that the biggest flavor on the Nachos were the jalapenos. This made everything taste like Jalapenos. Accompanied by some burnt chips. these spicy tangy Nachos just didn’t do the trick for me. In my personal opinion I believe that the best Nachos make you taste everything on them, not just the Jalapenos. Hmm…

Lots of Cheese! Hooray! Right? Nope


These Nachos were priced at a very cheap $9.00. This was impressive because these Nachos were big for their size and for that price it’s great. Good marks for pricing!



These Nachos did look very good though and there was more than enough dip for them! They were covered in cheese and looked very delicious. Full points for presentation for sure!




Although these Nachos did look good they suffered from bland and burnt tasting chips and the whole plate tasting like the oil from the Jalapeno jar. The price was great. I couldn’t believe only $9.00 for all these Nachos. However I’m sad to say that in this case I got what I paid for. It is really too bad these Nachos weren’t delicious because the way they looked really made me want to love them. But sadly I must give these Nachos a 4/10.

Please help me find great Nachos!



Until The Next Reviews!


Nacho Joe 😛

Babytooth Bambino’s

The Quest’a



NachoJoe rates Babytooth Bambino’s 10/10

NachoJoe rates Babytooth Bambino’s 10/10

Buon giorno Nacho Lovers! Here is a special Nacho review just’a made just for you. Airdrie, Alberta has a pub called Babytooth Bambino’s at #6, 2145 Summerfield Blvd SE. After a long hiatus Nacho Joe is back writing reviews and eating lots of Tortilla Chips covered (and they SHOULD be covered) in scrumptious varieties of cheeses.
My sidekicks Salsa Sarah and Ivy Monroe were craving some cheesy goodness and a little bit of a road trip so we left Calgary and traveled long distances to Airdrie in search of the perfect plate of homegrown Airdrie Nachos. After our long drive full of wonder and growling tummies we came across a tiny little strip mall containing a pub with a creative name. We were greeted by a lot of mafia movie pictures and references and great decor that an Italian like me can really appreciate. We ate Nachos with the Godfather looking down on us. Now the question was, could these Nachos really make my sideklicks and I an offer we couldn’t refuse? Get ready to read in this special Italian Review!



Mamamia! These’a Nachos start off on a high note. The Nacho’s are made in house and have a garlic flavor to them, not to strong or anything, just right. They are multi-colored and they are big enough, and strong enough to hold withstand the toppings. These were some delicious chips.


Yummy. These Nachos are loaded with toppings! There are onions, green peppers, red peppers, bruschetta tomatoes, olives and layers of cheese. You can get the option of beef which I had the last time I took a trip down to do a follow up taste and I must say that the beef is quite delicious! They turn into very manly Nachos! The nicest part about these Nachos is that finally there is a pub that really gets the idea of layering and trying not to leave any Nachos behind. Of course there are always gonna be a few casualties but even the chips have some seasoning so really it’s hard to get a bad chip. Nacho Joe was impressed. Ivy Monroe and Salsa Sarah were too busy enjoying the deliciousness to really speak up. The Nachos also come with Sour Cream and Salsa. The Salsa isn’t the cheap stuff, although it didn’t taste house made either, but it accompanied the nachos well. The sour cream was the good thick stuff, and not the watery kind that some places give you. So overall the toppings were awesome. Bruschetta tomatoes on Nachos is a very cool idea and keeps the Italian theme of the pub alive!

This is the half order! It shows all the toppings in their glory! Oops, I just drooled on my keyboard! Oh you too? I thought so.


These’a Nachos costa $16.50 for a full size and $11.50 for a half! Based on the portion size you get, it’s a very good price. I only have a picture of the full size with the beef, but I also have a picture of the half without! So if you a vegetarian, or a Nacho purist like me just imagine the full size without the meat! But take a look under the presentation section below this one! (Presentiazonomio)


The Nachos come on lovely square plates! It’s fantastic! They are also on top of lovely checkered wax paper as any good nachos should be. Both are stacked high and look like mountains. I like my Nachos to look mean and intimidating! Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Gaze upon the high peaks of Deliciousness!

I call it Mount Cheesy!!!

Summarizionoventissimomia (Too much?)

As I’m sure you can tell by my happy writing I was very pleased with these Nachos. In fact I go back very frequently to make sure that my verdict isn’t biased because of the great Italian decorations. I go back to make sure that I’m not biased because I love bruschetta and olives. I also go back because these have become the benchmark. I can’t really say anything bad about these Nachos. In fact I really tried to find something bad. The only thing I found was that after eating these nachos, you are full. They are filling because of all the toppings they put on top. For the portion size, I know these Nachos are worth the money. So overall, you guessed it! These nachos get a 10/10 for being deliciously fantastico! So if you get a craving for a bit of a road trip, and a healthy dose of Mafia memorabilia then head on down to Babytooth Bambino’s! You will not be dissapointed!

Well Nacho lovers I found another 10/10! Do you have a place that needs a visit from my taste buds? Please let me know!

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