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  • sarah says:

    hey joe <3!! love your site and have for a while!! ummm i think that for the most part your pretty bang on with your reviews but you could use some help considering i love kilkenny and u only gave it a 7 out of 10!! thats ridiculous, maybe u went to the wrong place :P. maybe you need a partner in crime for nacho reviews. probably a long shot but u should email me back 😉

    ps. do you go to U of C i swear ive seen you before!?


    • Nacho Joe says:


      First off thank you! Second order of business. I did the review at Kilkenny a while back. Perhaps I need to make a return. I always need Nacho Sidekicks. Alas Nacho making is a science. When I went they weren’t properly layered. Also all the toppings fell off when lifting the Nacho chips to eat, which was sad. Toppings weren’t cooked on top! Perhaps they’ve changed! I have heard that Kilkenny has new Nachos so it might be time for a Nacho Joe update! :-)

      Ps. I do!

      Nacho Joe 😛

  • Elizabeth says:

    Dear Joe:

    Let me just start out by saying I admire your quest.
    I too love nachos and constanly look for the perfect nachos.
    The Vin Room downtown Calgary had lobster nachos, which I personally have yet to try.
    Feel like going on Monday? I’ll be there, eating until I need to nap lol! Anyways
    Let me know, maybe I’ll take a picture and write a review for your page?

    Sincerely yours,

    • Nacho Joe says:

      How were they?

      I’ve been a busy busy student. I’m trying to get back into the reviewing business!


  • Chelsea says:

    Hey any chance you’ve tried the nachos at the Pig and Duke? I’m curious but I haven’t tried them yet! Pork Belly is an add-on if wanted?!

    • Nacho Joe says:

      Hi Chelsea! I’m sad to say I haven’t! In fact, I haven’t reviewed in a long time. Shame on me! I’m hoping to get back into it really soon. Pig and Duke is going on my list. Look for a review soon!


      Nacho Joe

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