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NachoJoe rates Thompsons/Sandstone Lounge 7/10

NachoJoe rates Thompsons/Sandstone Lounge 7/10

When you search “best nachos in Calgary” on google one of the restaurants that pops up is Thompsons on 112 Stephen Ave SE. Are they the best? My sidekicks, Brosa, Mama R, and Pastayoyo just wanted to make sure that this was a true statement! Read the review to see if these Nachos pass the Nacho Joe test.


I have to say, I enjoyed these chips. There was not one soggy one in the bunch. They had a great crunch to them and they were red, black, and yellow colored. They weren’t too salty either! Those were some nice Nachos.


This is what it all comes down to! These Nachos had great toppings. Olives, tomatoes,  red, green, and yellow bell peppers, Jalapenos, red onions, and of course cheese. At first glance these nachos looked amazing! But then we tasted them and something weird happened… We tasted Parmesan cheese. Was there Parmesan cheese on these nachos? Thsi aftertaste kept happening and it kind of ruined the Nacho experience. I have never tasted Parmesan cheese on Nachos before so I’m not going to say this was a bad thing, or a good thing. But unfortunatly to make matters worse near the end of the Nachos the last layer looked like this…

Alas, no cheese... something is rotten in the city of calgary!

this… this is unacceptable.


At $21.00 these Nachos do not give you your money’s worth. To charge $21 and then not put cheese all over the Nachos… that is just wrong. If these Nachos were around the 12-14 dollar mark then I might understand, but they are not…


Okay well roll out the red carpet because I have to say, this was one of the best presentations I have seen. Check it out!

They looked amazing

At first glance these Nachos looked like a home run!


Unfortunately another one of the restaurants that had the “best Nachos of calgary” lost it. I was really hoping for another 10/10. But instead I got an odd Parmesan cheese taste, quite a few dry Nachos, and an inflated price. On the plus side the bell peppers were a nice touch and they had all the toppings a Nacho lover could ask for. Also they included a bit of Guacamole which is usually an add on, on most menus. I’m not sure about what to think on the Parmesan cheese taste, but maybe this is a plus to some of you readers, or maybe not. The presentation was astonishing and the chips themselves were good. I’m giving these Nachos a 7/10. Add some more cheese and lower the price please…

Well that’s all folks! I’m still trying to find delicious Nachos! Help me out. Tell me where they are!

Until next time,

Nacho Joe 😛