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NachoJoe rates Babytooth Bambino’s 10/10

NachoJoe rates Babytooth Bambino’s 10/10

Buon giorno Nacho Lovers! Here is a special Nacho review just’a made just for you. Airdrie, Alberta has a pub called Babytooth Bambino’s at #6, 2145 Summerfield Blvd SE. After a long hiatus Nacho Joe is back writing reviews and eating lots of Tortilla Chips covered (and they SHOULD be covered) in scrumptious varieties of cheeses.
My sidekicks Salsa Sarah and Ivy Monroe were craving some cheesy goodness and a little bit of a road trip so we left Calgary and traveled long distances to Airdrie in search of the perfect plate of homegrown Airdrie Nachos. After our long drive full of wonder and growling tummies we came across a tiny little strip mall containing a pub with a creative name. We were greeted by a lot of mafia movie pictures and references and great decor that an Italian like me can really appreciate. We ate Nachos with the Godfather looking down on us. Now the question was, could these Nachos really make my sideklicks and I an offer we couldn’t refuse? Get ready to read in this special Italian Review!



Mamamia! These’a Nachos start off on a high note. The Nacho’s are made in house and have a garlic flavor to them, not to strong or anything, just right. They are multi-colored and they are big enough, and strong enough to hold withstand the toppings. These were some delicious chips.


Yummy. These Nachos are loaded with toppings! There are onions, green peppers, red peppers, bruschetta tomatoes, olives and layers of cheese. You can get the option of beef which I had the last time I took a trip down to do a follow up taste and I must say that the beef is quite delicious! They turn into very manly Nachos! The nicest part about these Nachos is that finally there is a pub that really gets the idea of layering and trying not to leave any Nachos behind. Of course there are always gonna be a few casualties but even the chips have some seasoning so really it’s hard to get a bad chip. Nacho Joe was impressed. Ivy Monroe and Salsa Sarah were too busy enjoying the deliciousness to really speak up. The Nachos also come with Sour Cream and Salsa. The Salsa isn’t the cheap stuff, although it didn’t taste house made either, but it accompanied the nachos well. The sour cream was the good thick stuff, and not the watery kind that some places give you. So overall the toppings were awesome. Bruschetta tomatoes on Nachos is a very cool idea and keeps the Italian theme of the pub alive!

This is the half order! It shows all the toppings in their glory! Oops, I just drooled on my keyboard! Oh you too? I thought so.


These’a Nachos costa $16.50 for a full size and $11.50 for a half! Based on the portion size you get, it’s a very good price. I only have a picture of the full size with the beef, but I also have a picture of the half without! So if you a vegetarian, or a Nacho purist like me just imagine the full size without the meat! But take a look under the presentation section below this one! (Presentiazonomio)


The Nachos come on lovely square plates! It’s fantastic! They are also on top of lovely checkered wax paper as any good nachos should be. Both are stacked high and look like mountains. I like my Nachos to look mean and intimidating! Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Gaze upon the high peaks of Deliciousness!

I call it Mount Cheesy!!!

Summarizionoventissimomia (Too much?)

As I’m sure you can tell by my happy writing I was very pleased with these Nachos. In fact I go back very frequently to make sure that my verdict isn’t biased because of the great Italian decorations. I go back to make sure that I’m not biased because I love bruschetta and olives. I also go back because these have become the benchmark. I can’t really say anything bad about these Nachos. In fact I really tried to find something bad. The only thing I found was that after eating these nachos, you are full. They are filling because of all the toppings they put on top. For the portion size, I know these Nachos are worth the money. So overall, you guessed it! These nachos get a 10/10 for being deliciously fantastico! So if you get a craving for a bit of a road trip, and a healthy dose of Mafia memorabilia then head on down to Babytooth Bambino’s! You will not be dissapointed!

Well Nacho lovers I found another 10/10! Do you have a place that needs a visit from my taste buds? Please let me know!

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Nacho Joe 😛


4 Responses to Babytooth Bambino’s

  • Soosh says:

    So after reading your review about Babytooth Bambino’s my girlfriend and I decided to give it a try. We are diehard Nacho luver’s so we were looking forward to some great Nacho’s. What a disappointment! The Nacho’s were barely warm and the cheese only covered the topmost tortilla chips. The salsa tasted like it was out of a generic bottle one buys at a grocery store and the amount of black olives scattered on top was bordering on obscene. About the only positive thing that I can comment on in regards to these Nacho’s is that adding fresh Basil was a nice flavour touch. My suggestion is to re-visit BB and try those Nacho’s again.

    • Nacho Joe says:

      Hey Soosh,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Really sorry. Because I just revisited BB about a month ago to make sure my review still held water. Myself and the people I went with all agreed that it was worth it! However Nacho constructing isn’t really a science. Every plate comes out a bit different. But if what you are saying is that that day the chef was asleep at the cheese wheel then I will go back for sure for the ultimate test. I’m sad that my 10/10 rating isn’t one you stand by. Maybe they had an off day or changed chefs.

      I guess I have entered into an inconsistent market. Being a diehard Nacho Luver like myself, can you give me your favorite Nacho Eatery so I can taste the standards you are measuring up to BB?

      Thank you for the comment. I will make it right somehow! Keep eating.

      Nacho Joe 😛

    • Nacho Joe says:


      I found out why your Nachos weren’t the same.

      The place changed owners. I have to go and update the review!


  • Elias says:

    Decent Nachos, needed guacamole! Brought in my own ago, and beer. Pretty good placement of cheese within the chip layers! Yummy. Thanx

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