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The Vin Room

So Tapas are a thing. For those of you that are unfamiliar with them, Tapas are basically the most delicious pieces of foods you will ever eat, but they are made for nibblers. Nibblers is also a new term I’m going to use. A nibbler is someone who is scared to embark on the journey that many of us are willing to set forth on. A nibbler is someone who looks for Tapa sized Nacho platters too. Lots of my friends and a couple fans have told me to go to The Vin Room at 8561 8a Ave SW. But a nibbler never embarks alone so I took my sidekicks Cabocourto and Miguele with me. You asked, I listened and certainly nibbled on the Lobster Nachos. How did they measure up to my new rubric? Find out below!


Let’s start simple. The chips were crisp! On my first bite it was that kind of crunch the dogs hear outside and go crazy for. Thankfully these chips were prepared in house. However I wished they had more salt or some kind of flavouring to go along with them because I had to eat quite a few of the chips without toppings… more on that later. But Chips were overall well done.



The pico de gallo was diced so tiny! It was brilliant how tiny everything was chopped and how well they fit with the Nachos. The taste was fresh i liked the salsa, I loved the chili sauce (not house made)… and the lobster. Dearest Nacho fans look no further for succulent lobster. I gotta say, I was impressed with the taste of these toppings. But just as I had developed a taste for these Nachos… they were gone. I loved the toppings but I was left wanting much much more. Now I know this is a Tapas place… but I really wanted more and ordering another plate of these Nachos scared my wallet. Second point I really need to make is about my very dairy best friend, Sour Cream. These Nachos came with no dip. *Crickets*… Vin Room it is my suggestion that you accompany these Nachos with some dip, be it sour cream, a little thing of melted butter for that lobster, whatever! Just something so that we can dip the chips that lack toppings in. Even a side of that salsa that’s already on top of the Nachos… more of it wouldn’t hurt.
2014-03-27 12.13.17
I’m sorry… this review is about to get really cheesy. When it comes to the topic of cheese these Nachos were no gouda. The fontina cheese tasted scrumptious and paired brilliantly with the lobster. However… there was some in the centre, and a little on the sides. Sad because these Nachos looked layered, they were layered however they didn’t hold together because there was really not enough cheese. And worse was that the Nachos that lacked cheesiness weren’t able to be dipped in anything so I’m sad to say that my heart is melted… These Nachos could be grate, but sadly I gotta give the cheese section quite a slice in score.
2014-03-27 12.22.11
Okay. Full points here that lobster really stands out in the crowd. Very elegant looking. Yum!
2014-03-27 12.13.27
Considering the nachos I have eaten recently this price point is all wrong. Lobster is expensive, however for the portion of tortilla chips that are given and the lack of toppings I just can;t seem to agree with the price. A  $13.00 price tag for such a cute plate of Nachos feels wrong to me. Maybe $8-10 would feel better to me. But at the moment either up the quantity of tortilla chips, toppings and cheese, or lower the price.
2014-03-27 12.26.17
I give Vin Room’s Lobster Nachos a 5/10. While these Nachos tasted marvellous when there were toppings on them, there just wasn’t enough to eat for the price. The lobster was juicy, the chips were crisp but I felt that just as I started enjoying the toppings they were gone and I was left with a lot of dry nachos. They desperately need a dip of some sort. Vin Room you have incredible potential for a quality product and your service was fantastic. If I may add, we also got the meatballs and if I was a meatball reviewer those would have been a perfect 10! Unfortunately I’m not though. Shame. I do love a good meatball. Perhaps meatball Nachos are my next project…
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