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NachoJoe rates Buchannans 6/10

NachoJoe rates Buchannans 6/10

Nacho lovers we have another review among us. Today Pastayoyo, Brosa, Mama R, and I went to check out Buchanans Chophouse Whisky Bar at 38 3rd Avenue SW. Right when you walk in they have a sign that says No Restaurant Crtics. Good thing I review Nachos! Buchanans is famous for their burgers in Calgary but are they famous for their Nachos?


The Nachos were of the tri-colored variety. Red, Yellow, and Black tortilla chips. They were really crunchy and they tasted good. So right off the bat these Nachos had a good base.


Hmm… the reason I say this is because these nachos were very simplistic. They had red peppers, red onions, cheese, and that’s all. I’m okay with simple Nachos but I want lots of toppings. There really wasn’t much peppers or onions. There could have been more cheese too. An unfortunate problem with these Nachos was a term I like to call “Cold Nachos.” Cold Nachos is when the cheese isn’t quite melted. This was very unfortunate. The Nachos were tasty but there was just so much that was wrong. Cold Nachos and again, we have another case of Sad Nachos. (“Sad Nachos” is another term meaning not enough cheese on Nachos)

Sad Nachos :'-(


At $15.00 a plate of Nachos the price looks okay. I think there needs to be more toppings and cheese in order to fully get your money’s worth. However they did taste good which was a plus.


They looked okay. I would have liked a bit more spectacle to the Nachos, but they had wax paper so they did look nice. The three dips really added to the presentation. There was a mustard like cilantro dip (which was very good) and homemade salsa and sour cream. I would just like to point out that Buchanans has the best Salsa I have ever tried so far in my Nacho journey. Here are the Nachos in their glory!

The Nachos

The Nachos, and the Dips!


So sadly once again “Houston we have a problem.” These Nachos did not live up to their price. They were incredibly simple and they needed more cheese. The dips really saved these Nachos. I had to come up with another Nacho Term “Cold Nachos” because of these. These were tasty Nachos but they were also Cold and Sad. I have to say that if you are willing to sacrifice the traditional Tomato, Olive, green onions, and Jalapenos, then you should try these Nachos for the salsa. It was great Salsa. But alas, I am a Nacho critic not a salsa critic. Buchanans… you have great burgers, but you must work on your Nachos. These Nachos get a 6/10.

Well thank you for reading another review! Please get out there and try some Nachos and tell me what you think. Did I get the rating right? You decide. Let me know by commenting here or send me an email at Also check out and like Nacho Joe.

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Happy Thanksgiving! And Now a Challenge…


Hello Fellow Nacho Lovers! I just thought I would take this time to say Happy Thanksgiving! Why not make some Turkey Nachos with your leftovers this year? I have never tried it but here is the Nacho Joe Holiday Challenge. Make some Turkey Nachos and send the Pictures to me on my email. ( The one that looks the yummiest, will be featured on my site! Also send me a rough recipe. Don’t worry I will be partaking in the challenge too!

Found this on the web, it looks good!

Turkey Nachos Anyone?

Picture taken from

Have fun making Nachos! Another review is coming too. Check back later!

Nacho Joe 😛