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The Keg

NachoJoe rates Montana's Cookhouse 8/10

NachoJoe rates The Keg 8/10


The Quest

I told the world I’d be back and I AM BACK. Calgary, you deserve to know where the best Nachos are in the city. I’ve matured over the years and realized that I’m a tad too lenient. Well no more fluffy Nacho reviews! This is serious business. I decided that I needed extra help with my valiant return. So I brought my sidekicks Pastayoyo, Big Mama, and Riceroni with me to eat some Nachos from The Keg at 320 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2S6. Oddly enough if you look at their menu these Nachos are invisible! They are on the bar menu only! But thankfully you CAN order these Nachos when you are out with the family or chums for steak. Here’s how The Keg’s nachos held up.


The chips were thin and crispy with vibrant red and yellow color to them. I asked our server if the Nachos were house made and he said they were cut and fried there so that’s nice to know! You aren’t getting Costco chips, or Tostitos from superstore at The Keg! The chips were crunchy, even the ones covered by lots of cheese. I can’t say there was a soggy one on the plate that we had. Very impressed by these thin lil chips.


These toppings were fresh! They were great. We really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, fresh is very different then numerous. Having eaten many Nachos in my day I’ve seen much more toppings then this even for the price point. If the toppings are delicious, use them to your advantage! More toppings may have even made up for some minor cheese issues…

Keg Nachos Toppings


Regarding the cheese… There were quite a few sad and dry Nachos. Sad cause they didn’t have toppings, dry because there was a lack of cheese. I like the crown of sour cream these Nachos wear. However all of the sauces were store bought and not house made which made me sad because I can go to the store and buy Regardless they only lost one point because the Nachos tasted great and had a good homemade feeling.


The price point for these Nachos was unreal. I was floored that a place like The Keg is only charging $12.00 for their Nachos. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the portion size, but for 12 bucks I thought it was decent! Usually guacamole is an extra charge but not here! Very pleased with the bang for your buck. Even a poor student like myself can afford these Nachos.


These Nachos were presented nicely! They didn’t come with any wax paper underneath, however I’ve realized that sometimes wax paper isn’t a positive. It was nice to be able to take our forks and scoop up the fallen cheese on the plate. Also it’s wonderful to have dips in tortilla bowls and the bowls tasted just like the chips. So we ate everything.

The Keg Toppings


EVERYTHING. We ate it all. Except 2 olives and cheese.

photo 4



Overall The Keg provides a decent Nacho experience. Some dry and sad Nachos brought down their score from a 10 and I really would like a tad more toppings. I wasn’t blown away by these Nachos but I was definitely satisfied.

The Keg receives an 8/10.

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Happy Nacho eating!


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