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NachoJoe rates Ship and Anchor 6/10

NachoJoe rates Ship and Anchor 6/10

Best Nachos of Calgary for 2008 in FFWD magazine says something to me. 2 years ago these Nachos were the best! Are they still? My sidekick “Bubbles” invited me to come to the Ship and Anchor Pub located at 534 -17th Avenue SW to check these Nachos out. So we did… were we pleased? Read the review to find out!


Well I was quite fond of the chips! They were tasty! They also gave you plenty of salsa and sour cream to dip them in! They were of the black, red, and yellow variety. They were crunchy and delicious! Chips for the win!


We started with a great base for the Nachos, but now we get into toppings. I was disappointed. I have taken the Menu off their website! (The bracket stuff is my comments)

Nachos $11.95

Topped with green peppers, green onion, jalapenos and marble cheese  served with salsa &  sour cream.

Half Order…………………………………. $8.95

Extra Cheese……………………………….$1.50 (Why is this here?)

Extra toppings per item…………………….$1.00 (What kind of extra toppings? Do the Nachos need extra toppings)

I always get a little nervous when I see “extra cheese” on the menu because if they are made right in the first place why would you need extra cheese? Another thing that made me shiver is the “add extra toppings.” I look at Nachos like buying a car. Do you want a steering wheel with that? Well duh of course you do so if you buy nachos then you want the major toppings! They were missing tomatoes! Also there was no option listed for guacamole or meat. So if you like meat or guacamole on your Nachos, it looks like it can’t be done. The toppings were in short supply! Sure we have green peppers, jalapenos, onions, and cheese. But where oh where are the tomatoes? The Olives? I just don’t understand. Bubbles and I were sad. We missed our tomatoes, and I wanted olives!

Also there was not enough cheese! Look at these sad Nachos! This was after we ate the first layer…

These were very dry Nachos! No cheese on the second layer? If I order 'extra cheese" will this not happen?


At first glance $11.95 isn’t bad for Nachos! The half order was only $8.95. These were the best Nachos of 2008 so I guess the price was worth it! I agree there! However. If we want to take another look at the menu…

Nachos  $11.95

Topped with green peppers, green onion, jalapenos and marble cheese  served with salsa &  sour cream.

Half Order…………………………………. $8.95

Extra Cheese……………………………….$1.50

Extra toppings per item…………………….$1.00

It seems to me like the only way to get the Nachos that you want, is by adding toppings and sadly extra cheese! So really to get good Nachos I imagine you would have to order tomatoes, olives and extra cheese. So really these nachos would work out to $15.45 which isn’t a great deal considering some of the other nachos I have reviewed. But for the price listed with no extras, it isn’t a bad deal for size. These nachos were a decent size.


Well they looked great! At first glance these Nachos looked fantastic and had there been more toppings, more cheese, and at the price they were at they would have been great!

There was enough cheese on top but not in the middle!


Okay, so best Nachos of 2008, great! Congrats you got that for 2008! For 2010… you might need to work a little harder Ship and Anchor. I had high expectations for these Nachos and I wasn’t impressed. The chips were great, and when these Nachos had toppings on them they were amazing. However that tended to be a rare occurrence. Also to have that many Nachos with no cheese o them is just shameful. I have to give these a 6/10.

Well sadly the follow up to my 10/10 review didn’t quite meet the standards. Tell me where I can find 10/10 Nachos! Email me at or go to the facebook page at

Thanks for reading! Now go eat some Nachos!

Nacho Joe 😛

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