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Nacho Joe needs Nachos!


Nacho Joe needs Nachos! If any of you have any grand ideas of where I should go for my next review comment on this post! Also I’ve received a lot of questions about where to find me on Facebook and Twitter!

My Twitter is @nachojoereviews

My Facebook is

Thanks Nacho Lovers!

Nacho Joe :-P

2 Responses to Nacho Joe needs Nachos!

  • Christina says:

    Hey Nacho Joe,
    I have always been a HUGE fan of the nachos at Melrose on 17th. I think you should check them out (if you haven’t already) and let your fans know how they rank.

    • Nacho Joe says:

      I reviewed Melrose on 17th! I am a huge fan as well! Read the review, tell me what you think!

      Nacho Joe :-P

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