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NachoJoe rates Moose Maguires 6/10

NachoJoe rates Moose Maguires 6/10

Today my trusty sidekick Pastayoyo and I went on another adventure together! We decided to venture on over to Moose Maguires Beanery and Bar on 1941 Uxbridge Dr Nw. Guess what we ordered? Were the Nachos good? Were they rad or sad? Read the review to find out!


Well these were one of the high points to these Nachos. The chips were thin but they had a great crunch! They also tasted really good! When the Nachos didn’t have cheese on them you could just eat the them with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole and they still tasted delicious! Yum!


Once again we had typical toppings. Tomatoes, green onions, and Jalapenos. Once again no olives to be found on these Nachos! I was quite sad to not get Olives on my Nachos once again. I have been foiled twice! The cheese on these nachos tasted really good. It tasted like Colby Cheddar and White Cheddar or some kind of really sharp mozzarella. The best part of these Nachos was that they were tasty!


At $12.99 its a pretty good deal. You get quite a bit of Nachos for the price. However the biggest problem about these Nachos is the lack of cheese. It seemed like all the nachos in the center had cheese on them but around the edges there was nothing. I could put my hands around the side, and the nachos would move around. They didn’t stick together, and that’s because they didn’t have cheese on them! It was about a 50/50 shot of getting a nacho with cheese or without. This was a major downer because these nachos had me! I thought they were really delicious until I started finding lots of dry nachos.

The other big problem with these nachos was that the cheese  was stuck to the pan.

It's a shame that all this cheese was on the bottom and not on the nachos!

To make things worse you couldn’t even scrape the cheese off this pan because of the hard surface. It would have been nice to maybe put some wax paper underneath these nachos so the cheese could peel off easily.


Well in the words of my faithful sidekick Pastayoyo “They looked very impressive.” Check  out the picture!

They look nice right?


Well these Nachos were tasty, they looked good, and for a large portion of Nachos they were $12.99. Unfortunately they took a big cut in my final score because they barely had any cheese on them! The worst part was most of the cheese that should have been on the nachos ended up stuck to the bottom of the pan! Because of the lack of wax paper I couldn’t even peel the cheese off. The bonus was there was plenty of dip for the nachos that had no cheese on them. But I’m not reviewing plain nachos and dip, I’m reviewing nachos that are covered in cheese. So sadly I have to give these nachos a 6/10.

I’m still in hot pursuit of finding that 10/10 plate of Nachos! Can you tell me where I can find them? Let me know!

Until the next review!

Nacho Joe 😛

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