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NachoJoe rates Montana's Cookhouse 8/10

NachoJoe rates Montana's Cookhouse 8/10

This week has been a very good week for Nachos! Today my sidekicks Mama R and Brosa set out to find a great plate of family friendly Nachos! We decided to venture on over to Montana’s Cookhouse, 5622 Signal Hill Center Southwest, Calgary! They are famous for their ribs… but how are their Nachos? Read the review to find out!


You know the drill by now, we start with the chips! They were white and green tortilla chips! They were quite thick and not easily breakable. These Nachos held there ground! The toppings didn’t even make them soggy which was great! I enjoyed these chips a lot! They had a great crunch to them!


Finally! A change! These Nachos had loads of toppings. There were onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, baked beans (I know beans on Nachos? Yum!) and Beef. Normally I stay away from meat on my Nachos because I am a Nacho Purist however, the menu said “Ultimate Beef Nachos.” My general rule of thumb is to get what the menu tells me. If the nachos are described and then it says “add chicken or beef for $__” then I never add it. But since the beef came with the Nachos, I had the beef! These Nachos were bountiful in toppings, but there was one big problem. Not enough cheese. This made me so sad. The top of the Nachos were covered in toppings, but no cheese. The cheese was in the middle and there just wasn’t enough.


At $13.99 I would say you get your money’s worth. Sure they don’t have a lot of cheese but the other toppings almost make up for it. Almost. Also you get beef on them for no extra charge. That is pretty rare from what I have seen. If you are a vegetarian or a purist like me then you can ask for no beef.


Well I thought they looked yummy! And they even had some paper underneath so you could peel off any of the unfortunate cheese that didn’t quite make it onto the Nachos! Check them out!

Lots of Toppings, But as you can see not enough cheese...

the only issues I had with this was the dips. There wasn’t really enough dip for the Nachos. We still had half the Nachos left and we were done the sour cream and a quarter of the salsa. They need more dip!


Well these Nachos were pretty good! I would say so far if you are looking to take your family out for decent Nachos, go to Montana’s! At $13.99 you get tons of toppings which includes beef and beans! However the biggest low point of these Nachos was that there just wasn’t enough cheese. But all things considered you did get your money’s worth and they tasted really good! One warning though, these are spicy Jalapenos so if you are not a hot and spicy fan order them on the side, or just don’t get them at all! After debating with my sidekicks these Nachos receive an 8/10. If they had a bit more cheese on them and some more dip these might have got a 10. They were good!

Thanks for reading! I still don’t have a 10/10 plate of Nachos! Tell me where I can find them! Email your suggestions to! Or write them down on the facebook page at! Thanks!

Until next time,

Nacho Joe 😛

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