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NachoJoe rates Melrose Cafe and Bar 9/10

NachoJoe rates Melrose Cafe and Bar 9/10

Well fellow Nacho lovers here we go. Nacho Joe is back in action! A while ago I went to Melrose Cafe and Bar 730 17 Avenue Southwest to check out some Nachos. My regular sidekick Pastayoyo and I entered the venue. We sat at the bar and ordered the Nachos. That is where our story begins…


These were decent Nachos! They had a nice crisp to them and they were of the Black, Red and Yellow chip variety. The  Assistant Marketing Manager for Melrose Cafe and Bar got in touch with em and said the Nachos were homemade. This is a good thing. If restaraunts or bars are selling nachos they should be homemade. Melrose got it right!  Even the Nachos that were covered in toppings at the bottom stayed crunchy. Nice work Melrose, you are off to a good start!


Yum. These Nachos had Jalapenos, tomatoes, green onions and cheese. However no olives… you know me by now. I like my olives! But it’s okay. They are forgiven because the cheese was amazing. It tasted really good and it took my mind away from the lack of olives. There were lots of toppings on these Nachos, you don’t believe me? You be the judge!

You got to love the gooey cheese... YUM!

The Nachos cost $14.35 if you want guacamole then they cost $16.35. I recommend paying the extra two dollars because the guacamole is amazing.


Look how delicious they look! But I didn't get the guacamole in the picture...


As delicious as these Nachos were, they don’t get a perfect score. Why you ask? Well it’s all about consistency on I went to Melrose again and the Nachos were kind of soggy and there just wasn’t enough cheese. But the Nachos featured here in the pictures were very close to being perfect. I’m giving Melrose Nachos 9/10. Maybe I will do a follow up review, maybe I won’t. I don’t know! But remember fellow Nacho lovers, not every restaurant respects the art of Nachos like we do. So if they aren’t up to par, try again. You might be surprised!

Until next time!

Nacho Joe 😛

2 Responses to Melrose Cafe and Bar

  • Ally says:

    Hey Nacho Joe!
    My name is Ally and I’m the Assistant Marketing Manager for Melrose Cafe and Bar. We just wanted to say thank you for the review. We hope that you can make it back again sometime for round 3.

    If you’re on Twitter we’d love to tweet with you. We are @MelroseRedMile and we’re also on Facebook

    Thank you again for the review, all the best.


    PS…just wanted to let you know that our nacho chips are actually made inhouse! :)

    • Nacho Joe says:

      Hi Ally.

      Thanks for the comment. I am on twitter, it’s @nachojoereviews.

      See you again soon, the Nacho’s were great!

      Nacho Joe 😛

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