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NachoJoe rates Fergus and Bix 10/10

NachoJoe rates Fergus and Bix 10/10

Ugh… so many Nachos… well here we have yet another Nacho review! My sidekick Pastayoyo and I decided to check out Fergus and Bix at 2000, 873 85th Street S.W. What do you think we ordered?


Well these were some amazing chips! They were crunchy and tri-colored! They had just the right amount of salt on them. I could have eaten these plain with some salsa! I didn’t get the chance to do this because every Nacho had some kind of topping on it. I want to know the brand of these chips! They were really tasty!


Well I must say I was a very happy Nacho consumer. Oh my gosh these Nachos had Olives! They had olives on them! Yay! Also they had tomatoes, green onions, red onions, and jalapenos. The jalapenos were just the right heat! These Nachos had tons of toppings. Every Nacho had something on it! It was hard to find a dry Nacho on this bunch. There was just the right amount of cheese on these as well. The bottom of the plate was a little greasy but not to the point where you were nervous of your arteries clogging. Also the toppings were layered! Finally nachos that are layered! We finished the top portion of the Nachos and then we got to the middle and there was a whole new layer of toppings! Fergus and Bix has mastered the art of layering! The toppings were fantastic!

Believe it or not this is after we ate some of the Nachos... lots of toppings...


We got the half order and they were huge! These were massive Nachos! The half order costs $13.00 and the full order costs $21.00. Now, I think $21.00 is pretty expensive for Nachos but we got the half order and it was huge so I can’t even imagine how big the full is. I am very curious! For $13.00 this is a great deal! This could feed 2 people for a meal and 4 people for an appetizer.


The Nachos tasted amazing! They also looked amazing! Check them out!


Look how much there is!

They looked nice, and there were lots of them! These were great Nachos!


I was told to go to Fergus and Bix from my good friend Roman! He said the Nachos were amazing and he was right! The Nachos were fantastic and the service was great! Pastayoyo and I had a long discussion about the rating. It was so hard to find anything wrong with these Nachos. They weren’t too greasy, they had enough cheese, tons of toppings, and the chips tasted great! There was more then enough dip left over and these nachos weren’t too spicy but they still had a kick to them! We came to the conclusion that these are Nachos for everybody! The best part about these Nachos is that family’s can even eat them together. On weekends Fergus and Bix lets kids into their restaurant until 3:00pm! So because of all these wonderful things guess what? Fergus and Bix’s, “Bix Better Nachos” have become my very first 10/10 Nachos! They were delicious and I would go back! Congratulations Fergus and Bix you have pleased me!

Well finally has a bench mark! Think you have a place that serves 10/10 Nachos? Let me know my commenting on this post, sending me an email at, or using the posting on the Facebook page at

Until next time,

Nacho Joe 😛

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