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Earls Kitchen + Bar

NachoJoe rates Schooners 9/10

NachoJoe gives Earls Kitchen + Bar a 9/10

The Quest

It’s been a long time since I rocked and rolled. I’ve noticed some new Nacho sites popping up around the web and I gotta say… they are steering you wrong my cheesy friends. I thought, it’s time to get back in the game. So here comes the return of the king (and queen, for over the hiatus Nacho Joe got married!). Nachos. Reviewed by yours truly. Thought I’d start with Earls at 140 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3C8 because lots of people go to Earls, and they just updated their menu and included a new NACHOS APPETIZER! HOORAY! But… how’d they do? Nachos cannot simply be rated by numbers, they require some sweet words. Read the review and weep happily or miserably.


The Nachos here are unique. They are made in house and have a really nice crunch to them. However perhaps too crunchy… lots of bite, good flavour. If I found one without a topping it still tasted decent. Well done.



Alright, they win here. These were some fresh toppings. Really tasty and lots of variety. On the menu it just says tomatoes, avocado, and melted cheese. But when you get the plate it’s also got bell peppers, red onion, green onion, cilantro, jalapeños… I dunno. False advertising has happened, but it’s such a good false advertisement. Further the sour cream and salsa verde were at first glance, not enough for the Nachos but when we were finished we still had plenty left. Check out the photo!




Why do we order Nachos ladies and gents? So we can have some cheesy goodness in our lives! And thankfully, Earls is a cheesy place. These chips were delicately covered with some yummy belnded Monterey jack, cheddar and mozzarella. The layering was superb and most chips had a decent amount of cheese on top. Even at the end, we still found cheese on chips. Well done, Earls!



These are freaking beautiful. Check out the picture below. Not much to say here. On a nice round cast-iron pan seated on a clean white plate, I don’t miss the deli paper one bit.



These nachos run at $13.00. For the quantity I would say you are better off somewhere else. For the quality I would say you aren’t. These are really tasty and if you feel like spending the cash for something a bit more gourmet I would say try them out! While I wish they were $10 instead, they aren’t. But hey, with the price of oil these days… money can be tight. So I understand saving $3.



I give the Earls Nachos a 9/10. 

These were solid Nachos and made me feel happy that I decided to return to the Nacho reviewing game. If you are looking to have a date night, and want to get some Nachos as well but still eat a cute meal with a honey, this is your bet. Your guy or gal will be all like “Oh I love Earls!” and you’ll be all like “Me too cause NACHOS. YES.” so yeah…

I missed you Nacho lovers… I hope you missed me too. (Tear)

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Happy Nacho munching!

– Nacho Joe

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