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The Quest (Introducing a Nacho Criteria)

I have been to many places in Calgary to find the perfect Nachos and upon viewing my reviews I realized they lacked a proper rubric. So upon collaborating with some of my Nacho reviewing partners in crime I devised a new rubric so you can see a detailed description and score for how Nachos have measured up.

Every review from March 19th and on will feature the following categories and rating scale…

Nachos: Here I will rate the chips taste, quality, crunch factor and place of origin (Are they made in house or in a Tostitos factory?)


Toppings: Here I will rate the toppings and their freshness, taste, and quantity.


Cheese: Upon reflecting on my older reviews I realized that cheese should have it’s own category because after receiving feedback from my fans I realize that this is the most important part of Nacho dish. This will be rated on the taste, quantity, incorporate sad and dry Nachos, as well as the type of cheese.


Presentation: Even though Nachos are about taste primarily I believe that if you are going to pay for dinner you should get a show! Presentation is marked on the accessibility of the Nachos, the overall look, and also takes the dips into account. Are they in bowls? Plastic cups? Or in the Tortilla chip bowls? All of these factors will affect if the Nachos are worthy of your viewing pleasure.


$Price$: Also very important is the price point for the Nachos. We live in a city that has many options. How steep can a restaurant charge for a plate of Nachos? Why would I want to pay $20 for a plate of Nachos? Is it worth it? What is the scale of deliciousness that you get for your dollar? I’m here to help you find the best Nachos in Calgary, hopefully without your wallet feeling violated during the aftermath of your Nacho experience.




Well there you have it! The new rating scale! Now you will have further detail on what to expect when ordering Nachos from a place I have reviewed. Hope this is a significant improvement from what you’ve seen on Leave me a comment on what you think and as always happy Nacho eating!

Nacho Joe 😛

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