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The Quest

I haven’t been out to Nacho in a while. I was going to go insane without cheesy goodness. So I stepped out of the Nacho Joe layer to inquire at Boston Pizza. Stealthily moving into the location at #24 1200 – 37th Street SW I sat down and ordered their Nachos. Now. I didn’t stop here. Since I haven’t reviewed Nachos in a while I decided to treat all you buncha readers. I even reviewed the Nachos with chicken on them cause my sidekick Anto likes Chicken. So! Here we go.


These chips were pretty tasty. They have some sort of salt on em, so there’s more than just chip. Very important for those odd ones that don’t get much cheese on them. Crunch factor wasn’t bad. I’d say a 7 on the cruncher scale. However some got a bit soft. These Nachos sometimes caught a case of the soggy sadness. But overall I enjoyed the chips! They held their toppings as best as the thinner style of chip could.


The cool thing about Boston Pizza Nachos is that the toppings are numerous because they make pizza. So these Nachos are loaded. There’s tomatos, green peppers, olives, jalapenos, and mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Pretty decent I think. We’re missing the onions on these Nachos but sometimes onions overpower the taste of everything else so you as the Nacho fan can take this as a good or bad thing. I prefer less onions on my cheesy chips but I digress. As you can see by the picture…

Lotta Toppings!

These Nachos do visually seem to have enough toppings. As we got through them they were pleasantly layered! Look! I’m so proud of you Boston Pizza. You know how to layer! (Wipes tears from my eyes)

Ogres are like Nachos. THEY HAVE LAYERS!

So I was pleased. The toppings were pleasantly pleasing. The cheese also tastes good on these Nachos and seems fresh. Not only that but all the toppings are cooked on the Nachos but don’t seem to overpower each other. The jalapenos are a bit spicy, but add to the taste! Yum.


All right. Here’s where we make or break the deal. At a cheap $10.50 per plate these Nachos are pretty good for pricing! Like fantastic actually! BUT I can finish a plate by myself as a meal… so beware Nacho lovers. For if you love as much as I do… make sure you get other food if you are sharing!


Places just forget about artwork nowadays you know? It’s really sad. These Nachos look very homemade, no wax paper, and nothing too special happening with them… get some wax paper, do something creative. Am I asking too much? I don’t think so…

Just seems like they through stuff on there... no love to placement.


As you can see by the above and below pictures… I had these Nachos twice on different occasions! I decided to do this because is now improved! I’m here for the people, by the people, and the for the bellies of the people. I don’t want to steer you wrong. So I ate Nachos twice. What a burden. I’m done now… I just want you to know that I care! SO! I had some meat… chicken… if we’re getting technical. It was spicy chicken. It was alright, it kind of taste processed and rubbery sometimes. I paid extra for it too. I’ll have to double check but I believe $2.50-3.50. Nothing over that I don’t think, which is pretty standard. It was kind of not my thing. If you want some extra protein and a bit more of a kick, go for it! On a plus side there was plenty of chunky pieces of chicken though!

Mmm... Chunky Cubed Chicken.


Well it’s been a while since I had Nachos that I enjoyed… I really like Boston Pizza’s Nachos personally. But if I’m being strict on my review scheme, based on a smaller portion, missing cheese sometimes and when ordering them with the chicken, getting less cheese kind of dampers the rating down for consistency purposes. So… I’m going to have to give Boston Pizza’s Nachos a 7/10. Almost amazing. Add more Nachos, stay consistant with your cheese! That’s my verdict.

Hope you all enjoyed reading! I hope to keep up to date with review postings!

Happy Nacho hunting!

Nacho Joe 😛

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