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NachoJoe rates Avocado Restaurant and Lounge 7/10

NachoJoe rates Avocado Restaurant and Lounge 7/10

Tonight my sidekick Brosa and I went to Avocado Restaurant and Lounge at 118, 318 Aspen Glen Landing SW. The menu said that “Ignacio’s Nachos” are the best in town. Did they impress Brosa and I? Read to find out!


Well it all comes down to this. If the chips aren’t good then it’s really hard to like the Nachos. Thankfully I did enjoy the chips. Once again I couldn’t tell if they were house made but they were flat and crispy, so maybe. They were of the red, green, and white variety.


These Nachos had a lot of toppings! All the toppings were really delicious. They had red beans, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, and tomatoes. They were great for toppings. However, if you look at the picture you are tricked into thinking there is a lot of cheese on these Nachos.

Looks like a lot of cheese right?

But after you eat the first layer there is no cheese on the second layer. You are left with a lot of dry Nachos. Also unfortunatly these were some Cold Nachos too! The cheese wasn’t melted enough. The second layer had little bits of white cheese on them and they weren’t melted. Don’t believe me? Here is the evidence!

See? The white cheese isn't melted! And there isn't even much. I was sad... Sad Nachos...

Anyway I will stop ranting about how sad I was. When these Nachos had cheese though they were really delicious. So I guess that redeems them a little bit…


The good part about these Nachos is if you get them on a Monday they are only $13.50 however if you go any other day then they are $17.75. To me, unless they have more cheese then the price is a little steep. If you get these Nachos, my advice is to go on Monday night.

These Nachos looked really good. The top was covered in cheese and it looked like a giant pizza. Also the dips came in big tortilla cups. I have to give good points on presentation. Nice work Avocado!

They looked really good! It reminded me of Pizza! Go get some good Nacho Pizza!


Well as you can probably tell by the review, these aren’t 10/10 Nachos. The toppings were all so fresh and delicious but there wasn’t enough cheese. Also for the regular price of $17.75 they just aren’t quite worth it. They tasted really good but all the dry and cold Nachos brought down the mark. If these Nachos were layered high with the same amount of toppings and extra cheese then they would have stood a chance. I’m going to have to give Avocado’s “Ignacio’s Nachos” a 7/10.

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Until the next review!

Nacho Joe 😛

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