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The Quest

Welcome to! My name is Joe and I am on a quest for Nacho Greatness!

I have a passion for Nachos! They are probably my favorite food and I know others love them too! The problem… it’s tough to find delicious Nachos in Calgary or anywhere! Some restaurants have ditched them on their menus and others have changed the way they make them and it just doesn’t work! My goal is to please you visitors of this web page and make your Nacho hunt easier!

Feel free to give me suggestions on where to try Nachos! If you’ve had good ones or bad ones! I will do justice and post my reviews on this site! If you agree or disagree with a review let me know! Comments are very welcome!

The quest begins…

7 Responses to The Quest

  • Fellow Nacho Lover says:

    Hi Nacho Joe:

    Try the nachos at Seanachie Irish Pub, 5909 Signal Hill Ctr SW (403) 249-4300. Be sure to get the nachos with meat!

    Looking forward to your review.


  • Roman says:

    DEN has some good nachos. Oh and you should try Irish nachos at Donegal or Sheanachies same place, but since i work at Donegal you should go there haha

  • NachoLover says:

    Hey, Nacho Joe!!

    Check out the nachos at Julio’s Barrio in Kensignton! [1110 Memorial Drive NW]
    I’d love to hear what you think!!
    Also, I think Nacho Joe may be surprised by the nacho goodness at a regular ol’ Taco Bell…. Is it worth a review??

    Keep on Nacho loving!

    • Nacho Joe says:

      Hey Nacho Lover,

      I will definitely check out Julios! Also interesting Taco Bell eh? I don’t know, they use that gooey cheese stuff, but we’ll see…

      Check back soon, hopefully I’ll have a review for Julios up in the near future!

      Nacho Joe 😛

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