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Rusty Cage

The Quest








Tis been a long while since I set out into the world to find great Nachos. I decided to ingest some Nachos recently at the Rusty Cage Located on the corner of Bow Trail and 37th Street SW. Did I put great delicious Nachos in my happy Nacho Joe belly? Read more to find out!



These Nachos were very hard and crunchy. They were also kind of bland and burnt. This was very unfortunate because the first Nacho I tried didn’t taste like anything. When Nachos don’t taste like anything Nacho Joe gets sad. First demerit.



So these Nachos had tons of toppings as you can see by the following picture. They had tons of cheese, tomatoes, olives, onions and jalapenos. However the biggest problem with these was that the biggest flavor on the Nachos were the jalapenos. This made everything taste like Jalapenos. Accompanied by some burnt chips. these spicy tangy Nachos just didn’t do the trick for me. In my personal opinion I believe that the best Nachos make you taste everything on them, not just the Jalapenos. Hmm…

Lots of Cheese! Hooray! Right? Nope


These Nachos were priced at a very cheap $9.00. This was impressive because these Nachos were big for their size and for that price it’s great. Good marks for pricing!



These Nachos did look very good though and there was more than enough dip for them! They were covered in cheese and looked very delicious. Full points for presentation for sure!




Although these Nachos did look good they suffered from bland and burnt tasting chips and the whole plate tasting like the oil from the Jalapeno jar. The price was great. I couldn’t believe only $9.00 for all these Nachos. However I’m sad to say that in this case I got what I paid for. It is really too bad these Nachos weren’t delicious because the way they looked really made me want to love them. But sadly I must give these Nachos a 4/10.

Please help me find great Nachos!



Until The Next Reviews!


Nacho Joe 😛