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NachoJoe rates Kilkenny 7/10

NachoJoe rates Kilkenny 7/10

A couple of friends of mine always go to Kilkenny Irish Pub at 3630 Brentwood Road NW so I thought why not do a Nacho Review? People tell me the Irish Potato Nachos are great but I am a purist so I went with the traditional stuff. Chips and Cheese! How did they do? Find out right now!


This is where it all starts! These chips were on the thin side and tasted pretty generic. They weren’t bad but they also weren’t chips you’d die for either. Sometimes you would get one that was a little oily and tasted like cardboard or paper (quality paper though not your regular printing kind…) but overall they almost always tasted like tortilla’s.



These Nachos had Tomatoes, Onions, Jalapeno’s and a Three Cheese Blend which tasted like Mozzarella, Cheddar, and maybe Monteray Jack and Sour Cream and Salsa. No olives. I’m biased because growing up Italian olives are like gold and when Nacho’s don’t have any olives Nacho Joe get’s sad. Whilst eating Nachos I noticed that these were Darwinist Nachos. The Cheese used the process of natural selection to determine which lucky Nachos were fortunate enough to receive a coat of cheese to keep them warm and which Nachos did not. There were a lot of unfortunate Nachos and a couple of survivors. Somehow a glop of Cheese landed on 2 very lucky Nachos and didn’t get around to the others. I felt bad for the cold, sad, and naked Nachos. However in all seriousness when these Nachos did have cheese on them they were delicious. Also despite the chips being thin, and the tomatoes being very juicy and fresh the Nachos didn’t fall under the pressure. They managed to not get soggy. I was quite pleased with this sturdy chip achievement. Kilkenny gets an automatic plus 1 point for this.

This is the Platter Version... A lot of Nachos here.

There are a couple of Nachos that have cheese on them but I would have liked to see a bit more... but the toppings look delicious! Very fresh!


Now, now, now. This is where a lot of Nachos fall short. If you charge over $15 for Nachos then they need tons of cheese. If you charge over $20 they must be made of the purist of golds. These Nachos cost a tender $14.99 for the small version and for the platter they cost $21.99. I have had a lot of Nachos. Trust me. I feel like this price is a bit inflated. The smaller version feeds up to 4 people for an appetizer but if you have more than 4 hungry Nacho lovers get the platter. They do taste good and I noticed the platter version did seem to have a lot more cheese and the toppings were spread out better. I did try the platter on a different day so maybe a rookie was working the kitchen the day I had the small plate… remember my Nacho Joe followers, Nachos are always inconsistant, unless you go to Moxies where I watch the chefs measure the cheese and toppings. Those are the only Nachos you can depend on as far as I know…


These Nachos look nice. In fact they are my favorite Nacho look yet. This picture is on my phone as my background as you read (Actually depending on when you read it might have changed as time does go by and I like to change my Nacho phone background…) I will let you be the judge though!

These are the Nachos being reviewed, they look nice but they aren't layered and all the Jalapeno's are in the middle. But they look great!


If you get the Nachos that have cheese and toppings on them then these are delicious! The Jalapeno’s are a bit spicy so SNJW! (Spicy Nacho Joe Warning) But after throwing around numbers amongst my Nacho Sidekicks we decided that these Nachos are a strong 7/10. We go very often and they are always a bit different, sometimes they are a 9, others they are a 5. So be careful! If you get them on a 9 day then you are lucky and really enjoy them! That’s all for now! Thanks Nacho Followers. Your loyalty is humbling!

Check back soon for another review! I have a feeling it’s gonna be good, I am just pondering on the review for a bit longer.

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Much Cheesy Love to you all,

Nacho Joe 😛