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Julio’s Barrio

The Quest

NachoJoe rates Julio’s Barrio 8/10

NachoJoe rates Julio’s Barrio 8/10

Here we go again! I set out to have Nachos with some good friends of mine at Julio’s Barrio on 101 10 Street NW. We laughed, we cried and we had some Nachos. Did the Nacho’s keep the laughing going? Or did we start to cry because of them? Read the review to find out!


The chips were crispy and had a flavour. But I have to admit I was kind of sad becasue they were only one color. However they were tasty so they get points! I would have liked to see some tri color action going on. Or another color. It’s always nice when Nachos are colorful!


The Nachos had various toppings. Tomatoes, Onions, Olives (And those of you who have followed the blog know that I love olives), Jalapenos, and Cheese. The cheese was good and tasty and the toppings tasted fresh. The dips that came with the Nachos were Salsa and Sour Cream. There are also 3 big scoops of house made Guacamole that sit atop the Nacho platter. Also you can choose from various salsa’s at Julios. They range from Mild to Nuclear. If you have the Nuclear salsa make sure you have a generous scoop of sour cream to get your taste buds happy again. This was nice that everything is included and gives them a very authentic messy feel like the one’s I have had in Mexico.

However one must always be careful with Messy Nachos. Because Messy doesn’t always mean delicious. In Julio’s case, they pass, but be weary Nacho lovers. Some places will use the messy tactic to replace the sufficient and acceptable amount of cheese.


The Nachos are a generous portion and they say 2-4 amigos can enjoy them! They cost $14.00 and they come with Guacamole. Most places charge extra but they didn’t! Nacho Joe is happy. Hopwever there could have been more cheese on these Nachos. We did find a few very sad Nachos.


I thought these nachos looked very impressive and combined the messy and clean look together to make something beautiful. Check it out!

I like the Guacamole scoops, looks like Ice Cream!


Well here it is. I have to say these were one of the hardest reviews I had to do. It was a good thing I had lots of helpers. Thanks Friends! In the end though Nacho Joe came with the conclusion of an 8/10. They were good, but they could have used more cheese and possibly flavor too. I have had tastier Nachos. However the biggest positive is that all dips are included! The messy factor is tricky to rate as well! I will have to go back a couple of times so I recommend you go out to Julio’s Barrio and try them yourselves. Send me an Email of what you think. It’s a tough one!


Until next time Nacho fans!

Nacho Joe 😛

Nacho Joe needs Nachos!


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