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Nacho Joe is a Student

Hello Nacho Lovers!

I know what you’re saying. “Where is Nacho Joe at?” I haven’t posted any reviews lately. It makes me sad, and I’m sure it make you sad. But I’m here to tell you that Nacho Joe is a student. Lots of papers are due and I am furiously writing them. I will be posting more reviews in December though! Stay tuned. Reviews for Melrose, Salt and Pepper, and Julio’s Barrio are on the way!

For now we must all hope that I get my papers done!

Thanks Nacho Lovers, hope you are all eating lots of Nachos!

Nacho Joe 😛

The Den

The Quest

NachoJoe rates The Den (U of C) 7/10

NachoJoe rates The Den (U of C) 7/10

A big group of sidekicks and I went for Nachos once again. This time we chose to go to The Den located in the MacEwan Centre at the University of Calgary. The Den is a great place to hang out, but is it a great place to eat Nachos? Check out the review to find out!


These were great Nachos. They weren’t soggy and they held there toppings well. None of them seemed to be burned and there were plenty of them. They were delicious!


Well this was definitely a strong point for these Nachos. They had your basic toppings but there were lots of them!  The Nachos also had olives on them! That was a high point for me. I go to The Den quite a bit and these Nachos have always been delicious. I think thats because of the cheese they put on them. I’m not sure what kind it is but its very rich and it tastes really good. There isn’t cheese on every single Nacho so that was a downfall in my books. When I make Nachos at home I put cheese on every single one! If I can do it then professional chefs at restaurants can do it too! To focus on the positives though, these Nachos do taste really good.


At the price of $13.75 it really isn’t bad at all! Although I have to say I have been to The Den for Nachos a few times and they do have a problem with consistency! Sometimes you will get really good Nachos with tons of cheese, and other times they will be dry nachos. So not a bad price, but keep it consistent!


These Nachos look very nice. I especially like the checkered wax paper, take a look!


However right off the bat I see Nachos with no toppings on them... sad Nachos...

They looked pretty good so they get a fair score in this category…


Well overall I enjoyed these Nachos while I was eating them. The downfall was that at the end of the Nacho fiesta our hands were very greasy. The bottom of the wax paper was also very greasy. When you eat these Nachos you have to be very hungry because they are very heavy. There was enough toppings and just enough cheese to make these Nachos worth it though! But then again there is that consistency problem. I am going to have to give the Den a 7/10. Sometimes though they might be a 10, or maybe a 5… so make sure to judge these Nachos carefully!

Keep eating Nachos!

Nacho Joe 😛