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Moxie’s Classic Grill

NachoJoe rates Moxie's Classic Grill 7/10

NachoJoe rates Moxie's Classic Grill 7/10

Today my Sidekicks, Mama R, Brosa and I decided to set out for Nacho Greatness. We decided to go over to Moxie’s Classic Grill at 120 Stewart Green SW for some “double cheese Nachos” That’s what the menu said and that is what we got! Here is the full review!


They were the tri-colored variety. The colors were usually what you would find, red, yellow, and green chips. These Chips were thick enough to withstand the toppings that were on the Nachos. It was rare that you would find a soggy Nacho in the bunch. Almost every Nacho was nice and crispy.


These were your general toppings that you would find on Nachos. Cheese, Green Onions, tomatoes, and Jalapenos. I was disappointed at the lack of olives on the Nachos but I quickly got over it. The blend of Cheeses on these Nachos included Cheddar and Mozzarella. However, the cheese didn’t really have much of a taste to it. These Nachos were really nothing special. They felt like Nachos you would make at home. This isn’t a bad thing but it wasn’t a good thing either. If you are looking for Nachos that have a home baked feel then these are for you. Every Nacho had some sort of topping on it so that was a plus!m I just feel like they could have been more!


At $16.99 these Nachos are a little pricey for what you get. You can also add Guacamole for an extra $2 These Nachos could have had a little more on them and also maybe another type of cheese blended in with the Mozzarella and Cheddar. Then the flavours would have been heightened a bit more.


I thought one of the Nachos strong points here was the presentation. They did look quite nice! Here is a picture!

They look so good! (Ignore the platter in the back... we had other stuff too!)

They look so Cheesy!


As Cheesy as these Nachos were they were a little bland. I didn’t find anything special about them and at $16.99 they are a little pricey. I did like the amount of cheese that was on the Nachos and at least the chips themselves were crunchy and not soggy. For a good homemade tasting plate of Nachos at a family restaurant these Nachos pass the test. I give them a 7/10. Not the best but if you are looking to take your family out for Nachos, these are pretty good! Just make sure you got some cash on you!

For a Menu and other stuff about Moxie’s check here!

Until the next journey…

Nacho Joe 😛


NachoJoe rates Schooners 9/10

NachoJoe rates Schooners 9/10

Well here we have it! The very first “Nacho Joe” Review! My sidekick “Pastayoyo” and I took a ride over to Schooners Neighbourhood Pub, 6416 Old Banff Coach Rd. SW

We had the half-order of the “NACHOS (best you’ve ever had)” This was not an overstatement! The reason me and my trusty sidekick had the half order is because our waitress told us they were big enough. Pastayoyo and I are not small people, the waitress could see this too! So we decided to go with the her recommendation. Boy, were they really good! Lets break them down shall we?

The Nachos.

They were the tri-colored variety. The colors were usually what you would find, red, yellow, and green chips. They were thinner chips but they still had a nice crunch to them.


The most important topping will come first. Cheese. There was plenty of cheese on these babies. Almost every Nacho had some cheese on it. The cheese tasted like a mixture of real cheddar cheese and Monterrey jack. The other toppings on these Nachos were great too! There was tomatoes, black olives, french onions, jalapenos, and banana peppers. The banana peppers added an extra bite to the nachos. However, because of the two kinds of peppers, the nachos were quite spicy. This is okay if you like spicy nachos, if not then be cautious and order the peppers on the side. The toppings were all fantastic!


At $10.99 for a half order and $15.99 for a full order it is well worth the money! If you want to add beef, chili, or guacamole it is an extra $2.99. I am a purist so I like my nachos without any meat, but if you do then have meat on them! The half order was a great size! It could feed at least 4 people for an appetizer or 2 if that’s all you are eating!


They looked pretty… and they gave us two of each dips! They came with sour cream and salsa! The salsa was the perfect heat and the sour cream was a great consistency, not too watery and not too thick. It was great!

Here are some pictures of the Nachos!

Close Up!


Well overall I enjoyed these nachos. They were a little spicy but they were tasty! However, every once in a while I would get a soggy nacho because of the thin chips. But other then that they were delicious. They weren’t even that greasy! It was hard to find any oil on the bottom of the basket paper!  For the very first nacho review they have really set the mark! Pricing was good, toppings were good, and taste was fantastic! If you want good spicy nachos then look no further! Schooners is the place to go!

Schooners Neighbourhood Pub nachos get 9/10! It was very hard to find anything wrong with these Nachos! Great benchmark! Thanks Schooners!


Thanks for reading the first review! Check back for more reviews in the future!

Nacho Joe 😛


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